Operation Ajax Aftermath

How do you define the relationship between Iran and the United States? It's contentious with a checkered history. In 2017 Iran is in a proxy power struggle within the Middle East. It is attempting to establish equilibrium in the region in the Sunni-Shii'te sectarian struggles. In doing so, it is in proxy wars with Saudi … Continue reading Operation Ajax Aftermath

A Gerrymandered State of Mind

The road to hell is led by good intentions. The history of gerrymandering was admirable. It was meant to find avenues of diverse representation. Finding a bypass to de-facto segregation, gerrymandering was the attempt to rewrite congressional districts regardless of geography. Instead of geographical redistricting, districts were written up in strange patterns to create districts that … Continue reading A Gerrymandered State of Mind

Income Inequality & the Specter of the Cold War

The lens of history can shed light on the present; guiding us to action for a better future. Of the 20th Century, the Cold War continues to haunt the US electorate & policy makers. Far from understood, the Cold War continues to define Society. Even with the fall of the USSR, the US has struggled … Continue reading Income Inequality & the Specter of the Cold War

Enron Hauntings

It's extremely difficult to fully verbalize my feelings about Enron. I became personally involved with the Corporation; soon before the scandal and bankruptcy. My time there was limited, but what I experienced amassed a lifetime of emotion & wisdom. A young, hopeful corporate warrior soon became a jaded, depressed person. Ignorance is bliss. This is … Continue reading Enron Hauntings