Operation Ajax Aftermath

How do you define the relationship between Iran and the United States? It's contentious with a checkered history. In 2017 Iran is in a proxy power struggle within the Middle East. It is attempting to establish equilibrium in the region in the Sunni-Shii'te sectarian struggles. In doing so, it is in proxy wars with Saudi [...]


A Gerrymandered State of Mind

The road to hell is led by good intentions. The history of gerrymandering was admirable. It was meant to find avenues of diverse representation. Finding a bypass to de-facto segregation, gerrymandering was the attempt to rewrite congressional districts regardless of geography. Instead of geographical redistricting, districts were written up in strange patterns to create districts that [...]

No Man is an Island

Thomas Merton, a Trappist Monk, wrote a book of faith called “No Man is an Island”. It was a book based on the spiritual economy inherent in all of mankind. This post is called “No Man is an Island” as a tribute to the ties between economics, politics, & spirituality that all of mankind cannot [...]

Trickle Me This

What are some of the root causes of the wealth disparity in America? How is this so huge, yet such a phantasm in the mindset of the average American. An American that is slipping out of the middle class and struggling at an alarmingly accelerated rate. To understand this question, one must understand a core [...]

9/11 Memories

There are moments in history that capture the psyche of a generation. The Terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 has done that for mine. Sixteen years later, in 2017, I find myself needing to write about my personal account. I was deeply affected by these events; as was everyone else to a relative extent. Everyone [...]

Enron Hauntings

It's extremely difficult to fully verbalize my feelings about Enron. I became personally involved with the Corporation; soon before the scandal and bankruptcy. My time there was limited, but what I experienced amassed a lifetime of emotion & wisdom. A young, hopeful corporate warrior soon became a jaded, depressed person. Ignorance is bliss. This is [...]