The Syriasness of the Situation

Bashar Al-Assad – President of Syria
The enemy of my enemy is my friend…
Situations change. The United States has a far worse geopolitical threat on its hands via the Islamic State. ISIS, ISIL, or Islamic State; is attempting via brutal force to create a very real Caliphate in the Middle East.
Fundamentalist Anti-West Islamist forces have superseded Moderate Rebel forces. The Moderates who rebelled against Assad’s regime have been mitigated via their inability to organize effectively.
Assad’s Ba’ath Party is no group of angels. We should understand the Realpolitik of the situation though. They were willing to work with the International Community via the United Nations to give up its Chemical Weapon stockpiles. This signals a willingness to operate with the West while being supported militarily by the Russian Federation.
We need to understand that political and economic stability are factors in reforming a corrupted State. Egypt and Thailand are prime examples of Coups resulting into successful Juntas. Ideas of democracy for democracy’s sake is simply sophomoric at best to espouse as a real Foreign Policy theory. Neo-Conservative forces in the past have used this notion to invade Iraq & Afghanistan.
Syria was soon on the Neo-Conservative agenda following the Arab Spring uprisings. What we found is that Islamic Countercultural influences have taken advantage of the Chaos to further their Extremist Agenda. Needless to say, Assad’s Government looks to be Moderate in Comparison.
I believe the United States should throw full support to the Syrian Government of Bashar Al-Assad regardless of past indiscretions. This would be an avenue to mend ties with Russia through aide of a common ally.
Assad has proven to be a survivor. 3+ years of Civil War has not broken his tenacity. With assurances of supporting a new inclusive Iraqi Government; I believe Syria is a main avenue of reversing Islamic State (ISIS) (ISIL) gains in the region. With Turkey and Erdogan effectively sitting on the fence; Assad’s Government Forces should work alongside the Autonomous Kurdish Forces within Iraq to eradicate extremism in the region.
Sunni-Shiite conflagration can be expected. Assad has proven to be tolerant of religious differences while his government was stable. Iran & Lebanon will benefit as key stakeholders from an Assad Pivot by NATO forces.
The United States has 2 track records. It utterly fails at creating stable democracy within Iraq & Afghanistan among others. It essentially spurred on Iran via Project Ajax against Mossedeq (a democratically elected PM). It has a great record with allies and stability via military Junta. Pakistan, Egypt, & Thailand are examples of potential disaster diverted.
Realpolitik thinking is pragmatic & honest. Democracy can be corrupted. Democracy for Democracy’s sake is simply not a legitimate geo-political option. Reform of Human Rights should be firmly emphasized after subversive forces are quelled. Economic & Political stability is contingent on reducing inequality in nations and regions. The US has its own inequality problems. It is however stable and relatively free.

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