Evangelicals on the Levers of US Power — SCOTUS & Hobby Lobby

supreme_court_buildingThe Hobby Lobby decision has just arrived; allowing discrimination of medical care via health care. I don’t know how Hobby Lobby can claim Religious Freedom as a 1st amendment right. #CitizensUnited via #SCOTUS has allowed Corporations to be considered “Persons”. Via this logic, Hobby Lobby is Christocentric in its beliefs and forbids use of Contraception in its health care plan. Regardless that employees have to pay for their insurance premiums; the fact that Hobby Lobby contributes to a Health Care Provider is enough for the Evangelical, Ultra-Conservative Supreme Court of the United States.

Anyone surprised by this #SCOTUS ruling shouldn’t be. The alarms via Progressive Thinkers have been screaming to deaf ears about the abuse of the 1st Amendment and #ReligiousFreedom. #Secularism is the only answer to a healthy, advanced Democracy. Theocratic leanings have been destructive forces for time immemorial and it is no surprise that our Founding Fathers were against such atrocious philosophy. Evangelicals and spiritual cohorts are directly to blame for poisoning the soul of the #GOP. This unholy alliance between Republican Politicians and the Evangelical voting bloc has been well documented and understood. It has not been properly addressed as the cancer it is on United States society and governance.

United States Citizenry have nobody to blame but themselves for allowing Government to fall down the slippery slope of Religious Pandering. Billy Graham and friends have weaseled their way into the command nexus of American Governance, via unfettered access to the White House. This has led to the increasing politicization of religion within the USA. To be honest it has been going on since the Propaganda efforts of the USA against Soviet Russia in the Cold War. That being said, Politicians rightfully respond to voting blocs. Voting bloc response is democratic, per se. Unfortunately, there are Constitutional restrictions that have been eroded since the time of our Founding Fathers.

We act as though the Supreme Court of the United States is aloof from politics and not beholden to any master. This is wrong. It is in-fact a slow moving average of the political will in this nation. Supreme Court Justices have retired from their lifelong appointments at the precise time as Conservative, Evangelical Political forces have controlled the levers of US Power. US Presidents have nominated individuals that have not been fully vetted of impartiality. I understand this is neigh impossible to truly accomplish. US Presidents have however nominated Conservative forces to the Courts, whereas the political environments at the time have prevented the Senate to properly vet these candidates. As a result political, religious impartiality has been skewed.

Evangelicals wield the power #Realpolitik of grass roots support. Of course they do! They have masses of sheeple who will graze for whichever candidate will provide them with as much access to government; at the expense of Secularism & the opinions of others. Minority groups, especially those of agnosticism or atheism are especially maligned with their philosophical frameworks excluded from governance. The US Senate has candidates beholden to this grass roots threat every 6 years. The House, even more Conservative and Religiously Intolerant (of all but Evangelical lobbyist support), has candidates elected every 2 years. The President every 4.

Hobby Lobby is in short what the US reaps from what it has sown. Secularism is supplanted by Evangelical/Conservative Alliance fervor. The Reagan Revolution and then the 1990’s Gingrich era sweep of Congress has ushered in the Evangelical & Conservative Religious viewpoint as monopolistic.

As with the ills of conservative, libertarian ideology. Lasses-faire economics & politics result in a political economy that supports a single, monolithic viewpoint. It is not scientifically grounded, however. It does not speak to the understandings of history or scientific inquiry. It does have massive consequences on US society as a whole. The Supreme Court can only be fixed by a long-term campaign of cleaning out religiosity from the power-politick. This is not a purge or soviet style atheist assault. It is one of bolstering the understanding and logic behind the 1st Amendment. Civil Society will become increasingly intolerant of opposing viewpoints and social orders. It will prevent the ability of life, liberty, & the pursuit of happiness that justified the divorce of British rule.

There are longer term consequences that have affected real lives & the wellbeing of millions around the world. Evangelical Religiosity has directly enabled former Presidents to instil the fervor of Crusade to the American Electorate. The understanding of Evil and the need to eradicate it is so ingrained in us that we were willing to invade Iraq over false claims of WMD. Saddam had already been Demonized so the assault was simple. Evangelical influence in government and military affairs has further eroded US legitimacy and home & abroad. It has rallied enemies of the state in Afghanistan against the US occupation. Again real people have died.

Back to Hobby Lobby. Conservatives have rallied over #ReligiousFreedom via the #SCOTUS. They claim that they have been vindicated in the ability to not provide contraception to employees via health care plans. It is quite fitting that the same forces that are assaulting our rights as free-thinking citizens are the same claiming they are oppressed. I could go on and on but I hope I have made my point. Evangelicals and Conservative Religious Allies are to blame for much of the Right-Wing outcomes within our Nation. This is to be expected though as Theocratic elements have been able to run rampant over the levers of government for decades.

(This article also is pertinent to Creationism and the failure of Public Education via Conservative ideologies.)


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