Ben Sasse for US Senate – Nebraska Republican

Ben Sasse for Nebraska Senate
I was a US House of Representatives Republican Page in 1996-1997. Ben Sasse was a Page supervisor at the time. I cannot speak for his politics or political ability. I can speak about his character.
Ben Sasse was a very upstanding individual when I knew him in 1996-1997. He was a mentor and a Tutor; giving his Harvard education a spin. He used to volunteer his time to tutor us individually in Math and High School Academics. If I was GOP I would be very happy with him as a Candidate. He is a Washington DC insider on Capitol Hill for a number of years. He is a Harvard graduate; definitely in the “in” crowd. He is the quintessential Washington insider, groomed for years to be a Politician. I’m speaking the facts, not slams. I do not advocate or reject his bid for US Senate. He says he is a Conservative which I personally reject as a political philosophy. I do, however, believe in the US Constitutional Electoral Process. He will make a fine GOP Candidate for Nebraska; very kind, genuine, & smart as an individual.  I must be honest in saying that I hope Nebraska rejects Conservatism. I personally don’t see that happening unless Omaha decides to go Liberal. That being said, I would throw my GOP clout towards Ben Sasse as a Candidate for US Senate. Lets hope he wins and changes the Gridlock in Congress if he wins. Being from Nebraska, I assume Warren Buffet & friends are involved.

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