Austerity Political Assault

The US Government shutdown is in its 2nd week. Far Right Republicans seem to be unwilling to budge. Why? Whats next? Mark my words, the US public is being held hostage as lab rats. Far Right Republicans are testing the will of the people when it comes to extreme Austerity. As the debt ceiling looms ever larger, this game of chicken will actually be the future platform of the Republican Party.
Evidence leading me to this revelation is guided by the logic of who is funded. Targeted funding bills are ensuring that GOP lobbies are going to be minimally affected by the government shutdown. Loathed departments, such as Education & the EPA, are getting hit the hardest. If things play out where Republican lobbies can weather this model of austerity, 2014 & 2016 will see a far Right austerity agenda. Libertarian idealism has run rampant throughout the Republican Party. Under the guise of Fiscal Conservatism, the next step for the party is to have a working platform. By selling austerity measures to the party elite, GOP strategists have assumed that they have a model to push Democrat lobbies into a far more anemic state.
We are seeing targeted political suppression at a massive macroeconomic scale. Gerrymandering in the 1990’s and 2000’s ensured that political momentum would be towards GOP safe districts. These districts are the strongholds of Tea Party support. Fiscal Conservatism is a winning concept with independents and swing voters. Through the avenue of “Fiscal Conservatism” GOP hopes to ride high in regaining Senate and the White House.
While this government shutdown is a test run for the 2014 Austerity Platform, the powerless middle-class will continue to be pushed into the margins of the economy. The only thing that seems to negate this action will be the weight of the masses. The Affordable Care Act ensures that many Citizens will be registered to vote. Enough voters must have a collective memory of the pain of austerity if its going to be utilized against the GOP. For this to happen we may see a few more weeks of the shutdown while the affects of income freezes begin to hit Main Street. Politics have entered a new dynamic phase and its happened under almost everyone’s noses.
Austerity has been sold throughout the European Union as spending was truly out of control. Keynes would argue that austerity should be implemented during times of prosperity NOT recession. This timing philosophy is taken into account with this shutdown debate and temporary spending measures. Timing ensures that targeted lobbies will benefit or suffer. While Progressive lobbies are left to wither during the shutdown test, GOP allied lobbies are being emboldened. Using the guise of delaying “Obamacare” the GOP is actually ingratiating itself to the For-Profit Health Care Lobby. This lobby has the most to lose in 2014. They have been able to raise revenues at levels far greater than inflation; profits have been directly correlated. The ACA has promised to suppress this economic behavior that has been at the expense of the American Public. In short always follow the money. This will determine political behavior in the US. This correlation is far more apparent after Citizens United and the influx of secret monies.

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