May Day! May Day!

To most of the world, May Day is an homage to the working class. The Proletariat, so to speak. In America it is generally viewed as a Communistic and subversive holiday of miscreants & radicals. How sad this state of affairs. So much of this convolution is based on McCarthy era Red Scare tactics. Is it any surprise that Americans (USA) are willing to work longer & harder for less than most industrialized nations?
I honestly don’t know much about the history of May Day. These are my general feelings as I view them as a left-leaning US Citizen. May Day is a day of agitating action. Labor Day is a sad reminder of what used to be. Labor Day is worked by most Americans, even though its supposed to pay respects to the working class. May Day pitches parades & continual action to better the working conditions of the vast majority of the world’s populations.
In its present form, it is no surprise that the Occupy Movement is staging rallies as I write this. The 99% is being rallied by those who understand and respect this International holiday. As I write this, the US economy has rebounded. Unfortunately, for 4 decades most wages have stagnated while the vast wealth of the US has been accumulated by a small % of the population. The US disparity is far worse than most of the Industrialized world. Trickle-down economic theory is an absolute joke and is utilized by “Conservatives” to justify a rigged “Capitalistic” system. This by no means implies or advocates totalitarianism or communism.
The economic game is rigged. Collective bargaining is being eroded in all sectors while free-flows of money have been used to legally purchase the votes of the ignorant. It is more apparent in this Representative Republic, that legal corruption is commonplace via financing political careers. Those with access have all the money. Those with access have all the power to sway the system in their favor. As the balance of power between the de-facto class system funnels to the top, there are active forces (Tea Party) that are continually attempting to polarize our nation. The top 1% have the time, money, and resources to ensure that they gain at an exponential rate compared to their employees. For decades we have been made complacent by a force-fed dream of “freedom & equality”.
We are living in a Neo-Victorian era. The JP Morgan’s & Rockefeller’s are alive and well. History shows that the period between 1865-1929 was a period of crippled Congresses and weak Executives. The engine of the Industrial Revolution fueled vast fortunes amassed by monopolistic tyrants willing to literally crack skulls to get what they desired: more wealth, more influence. Don’t worry we got such wonderful philanthropies from them right? Who has felt that comforting embrace? Most workers during this time saw the writing on the wall. Squalid working conditions, not so unlike today in lets say …. Bangladesh, destroyed the mind, body, & soul of the Labor force. Treated like expendable cattle, workers are always treated with disdain. 
May Day represents the awakening and organization of the Labor forces, continually exploited for financial gain by a select few. Through strength in numbers, one thing brought betterment to Labor: Regulations! As you hear today from the Conservative Right-Wing, Regulations are inefficient and prevent economic progress. Don’t be fooled. Its their way of asking politely for a larger piece of the pie at the expense of humanity’s majority. 

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