I strive for relevance & enlightenment. I thrive through participation in the global exchange of information. I support Secularism & implementations of the Scientific Method. I believe Enlightenment of the World will bring greater economic & political equality. I am but a single mental virus.

Outraged Ape

My goal is to unlock the mind’s eye of the world. The free flow of information will make the individual aware of their place in reality. Awareness will lead to enlightened thinking & action. The collective memory of awareness must propagate to the social networks of said individual. Kummernexus seek to shed light on the algorithms surrounding our lives. These algorithms are internalized & habitual; they are inherently the social order of the world. Our central focus is to protect & propagate the Rights of Natural Law. They are the foundation of all stable societies. Of Rights of Natural Law, nothing is more important than the Freedom of Information. Freedom to consume information begets the ability to Freely Think. Nothing is more sacred to Humanity.

Rights of Natural Law is self-evident for all of Humanity. It is, however, not realized by the vast majority of Society. It is of this thought crime that Kummernexus finds purpose. It seeks to supplant & propagate the most beautiful of mental viruses: Awareness. The Right to the Freedom of Information must shine the light upon all individuals in all societies. It is of this Right, that the discomfort of all #inequality becomes apparent. Inequality is the driving factor of social order for time immemorial. Inequality is not simply economic. Inequality is fundamentally understood as the disparity of information; to those with the right to such information.

Reconciling inequities through informational awareness is the driving factor behind Kummernexus. It is such an enormous task that a mosaic must be created: through anecdote after anecdote. Of these patterns, statistical significance and scientific inquiry will emerge. Kummernexus finds hope in the theories of the “Butterfly Effect”. Of our efforts, we seek to subtly change the world by impacting our local environment. In doing so, the profiteers of the status quo will be shaken to its oppressive core.

Inequality for Time Immemorial

Inequality for Time Immemorial

Information is dangerous. It propagates awareness. Awareness begets hope. Hope begets action. Action begets change.

Information is Revolutionary

#p2 #Realpolitik

Freedom of Information >> Freedom of Thought >> Freedom of the Internet


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